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Weaving style into the fabric of the Web
Weaving style into the fabric of the Web
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Maurice Y. Michaud

Maurice Michaud
Maurice is the owner of TextStyle and he hasnít slept much in recent years. Thatís because he has spent so much time thinking of ways to give you full control of your websites. But now he is certain he has created the solution thatís right for you.

This 1989 Public Relations graduate from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax started his career as the managing editor of Atlantis: A Womenís Studies Journal, where he began to teach himself computer programming. Fluently bilingual in English and French, he then worked for three years as the supervisor of MSVUís language lab before becoming a part-time instructor in text-based media for four years at his alma mater. Since 2006, in addition to running TextStyle, he is a full-time client training officer with RBC Global Services for Business.

Through it all, Maurice gradually built TextStyle. When most of his clients began expressing the desire to be able to edit their own websites, he took a close look at all the Web content management systems he could find, but none satisfied him nor, he thought, his clients. So itís on one of his infamous sleepless nights in late 2001 that Maurice thought of creating his own CMS, and thus the concept for TextStyleM was born.

Many more sleepless nights followed, but they were good sleepless nights. Today, dozens use his website editing system to maintain some 20 different sites. And that makes him happy knowing that heís done ó and is continuing to do ó his little bit to help busy professionals whose main concern when it comes to maintaining their website is that it be quick, easy, and not laden with geeky technical terms.

E-mail: webmaster@textstyle.ca

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Home » About » Behind TextStyle » Maurice Y. Michaud