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Weaving style into the fabric of the Web
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Melinda V. Robb

Melinda Robb
It is thought — although some would challenge this assertion — that Melinda is TextStyleM’s most convinced and enthusiastic user.

Melinda works full-time as the Properties Manager for the Theatre Department at Dalhousie University in Halifax. However, she frequently collaborated with TextStyle in the areas of graphic design, site template development, and publicity.

A native of Brantford, Ontario, Melinda’s extensive theatre experience goes back some 15 years. In her spare time, she has taken an interest in computer-generated graphics, thereby turning to technology to assist her in her creative endeavours. She also designs and makes beeswax candles and acts as mediator for her cats, Tif and Chico, and her bichons frisés, Jackson and Sadie.

E-mail: melinda@textstyle.ca

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Home » About » Behind TextStyle » Melinda V. Robb