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Weaving style into the fabric of the Web
Weaving style into the fabric of the Web
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Colophon, ...or How’s This Site Put Together

¤ The content on this website is managed with TextStyleM (of course!) — TextStyle Internet Publishing’s exclusive content management system. Indeed, it’s better to show than tell!
  • The content on this site that is not managed by TextStyleM is:
    — the "Assistance TextStyle" area, which uses version 1.9 of PHP Support Tickets by Triangle Solutions Ltd, heavily modified by TextStyle to improve the script’s administrative functions, and
    — the "Forums TextStyle" area, which relies on version 2.0.11 of phpBB and Mike Lothar’s NoseBleed skin for phpBB, version 1.09, modified by TextStyle to integrate it into this site’s template.
  • Copyright for the content on this site belongs to Maurice Michaud (© 1997, 2007 TextStyle Internet Publishing).
  • Images are either in the public domain or original to TextStyle. Most have been manipulated with the PhotoDeluxe Home Edition 3.0 software before being uploaded to this site.
  • The preferred Web browser for editing is Firefox 2.0, although Netscape 7.1 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 are used occasionally.

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¤ TextStyle Internet Publishing is a business name registered with the Registry of Joint Stock Companies of the Province of Nova Scotia (Canada).

¤ The TextStyleM content management software is an original work by TextStyle Internet Publishing.

  • TextStyleM is a trademark belonging to TextStyle Internet Publishing.
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  • Programming of TextStyleM relies on the PHP scripting language and the MySQL database system. All code is produced locally with the HomeSite 4.0 software, then uploaded online with Cute FTP 5.0XP.

¤ Hosting Matters, Inc. offers TextStyle unparalleled hosting services in the Linux environment, running Apache. However, Hosting Matters and TextStyle are wholly separate and independent entities.

Home » About » Colophon