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Weaving style into the fabric of the Web
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Newly Released

Protect Your Images!
Added September 2005 — Annoyed to find your images on other people’s websites? Activate TextStyleM’s "Image Protection" and stop thiefs dead in their tracks!

My Clipboard
Added August 2005 — Stay within TextStyleM when cutting and pasting bits of texts from one article to the next.

Automatic Status Switch
Added in August 2005 — Write a new page for your site but set its status to "Not Live" so that people won’t be able to see it. Then tell TextStyleM to switch the status of the page to "Live" on any given date.

CAPTCHAs on Contact Forms
Added July 2005 — Having a form on your website to allow your visitors to send you an e-mail message can make you vulnerable to spam. But that risk will be lesser if the form includes a CAPTCHA.

Clickable Thumbnail Images
Added February 2005 — Fit more content on a webpage and reduce your readers’ download times by offering them clickable images!

L_LOCAL: Links to Pages Within Your Site
Added December 2004 — Over time, you may move menus on your site or even delete articles. If you created a static link to such a page elsewhere on your site, that link will either become "linkrot" or lead to the wrong page. But a link created with TextStyleM’s "local link" (L_LOCAL) will always work.

Author-Requested Update Reminders
Added September 2004 — Suppose you wrote on a page that your organization’s next general meeting will be on a certain date. Tell TextStyleM to send you a message the day after that date so that you can edit that page.

Home » TextStyleM » The System » Features » Newly Released