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Weaving style into the fabric of the Web
Weaving style into the fabric of the Web
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On the TextStyleM “To-Do” List

In no particular order...
  • Comments module
    Allow your visitors to leave a comment on selected pages within your website, similar to what’s done on a weblog ("blog") site. Comments can be moderated and certain IPs can be banned from commenting.

  • Lexicon module
    Create and manage a glossary of terms that can then be generated as a FAQ-like webpage or to create a hyperlink to a popup window giving the definition of a specific term in the glossary.

  • "Floating" articles module
    Currently, each page in a TextStyleM site has to be associated to a menu on the site. "Floating articles" would allow you to create a new page unassociated to any menu but to which a link could be made either with TextStyleM or by asking your webmaster to embed it into your site’s template. Disclaimers and privacy policies are good examples of texts that should be easily accessible from anywhere on your site.

  • Custom TCodes
    Already TextStyleM’s "Macro Content" helps you generate shortcut TCodes for basic information on your organization (address, phone numbers, etc.). Custom TCodes would allow you to expand and manage that list of shortcuts and minimize the need to turn to the "HTML Docs Manager" for simple bits of standard text.

  • Also planning:
    • Completion of the "Our Documents" (extranet) module
    • Events calendar
    • One-to-many-to-many menu options (e.g., newsletters)
    • Automatic "put in archives" dates (e.g., news releases)
    • Limited-access menu options (subscription based)
    • "Dynamic links" and automatic scanning of the World Wide Web for the validity of those TextStyleM-managed links

Home » TextStyleM » The System » Features » New or Soon » The “To-Do” List