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Où la Toile se tissait avec style
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Mot de passe extranet

Unfortunately, your current password cannot be sent to you by e-mail because it is kept in an encrypted format that cannot be reversed.

Instead, you must go through the following three-step process which will reset your password and send it to you by e-mail so that you can once again gain access to our extranet:

  1. Identify who you are. (You will be given 3 chances.)
  2. Answer a security question. **
  3. Confirm that you want to reset your password.
** Caution
If you did not select and answer a security question in your profile, this process will fail at the second step.

Step 1: Identify who you are

First Name Last Name E-mail
— Or —

(1A + 1B) + 2
1C + 2

Home » Contact » Mot de passe extranet