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Weaving style into the fabric of the Web
Weaving style into the fabric of the Web
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«The TextStyle Advantage»

Get Control of Your Website
TextStyle’s mission is to make YOU the real master of YOUR Internet domain.

To make you the master of your domain, TextStyle has integrated all its services. Thus, TextStyle is not just a website design firm. It’s not just a Web hosting service. It’s not just the developer of a Web content management system. It’s not just an advisor on writing and organizing online content. It’s ALL of those things combined.

That’s «The TextStyle Advantage» !

And that’s what distinguishes TextStyle from the competition. At TextStyle, we understand how a small- or medium-sized organization may find daunting the challenge of creating for itself a memorable and pertinent Web presence. But with TextStyle, not only can you entertain the thought of having an attractive and content-rich website. You can also expect to be able to manage every part of it — easily! — and be seriously proud of yourself, too!

«The TextStyle Advantage» is clear!

TextStyle can become your one-stop provider for all your online publishing needs by giving you:

  • the ability to change all content on your website, including the navigational menus, without any prior experience in HTML authoring or file transferring;
  • the possibility of having several in-house content editors;
  • the option of publishing several uniligual or bilingual sites within your domain, including possibly a limited-access "intranet" section;
  • the registration or transfer of your domain name(s);
  • basic hosting, including the ability to manage the e-mail addresses within your domain;
  • a site whose navigation and "look and feel" is customized for you;
  • advice on effective writing for the Web.

What would be the alternative? Well, you might have to learn all about the different kinds of hosting packages on today’s market, how to code webpages in HTML, the difference between presentation and editorial concerns, how to upload files to your domain, and so on. And then you might have to rely upon a different expert for each of those services. All that trouble just to change a few sentences here and there on your website?

Once again: «The TextStyle Advantage» is clear!

Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, TextStyle was started in 1997 by Maurice Michaud, an editor by trade who now specializes in Web development. Maurice’s background in publishing has strongly influenced TextStyle’s philosophy, which focuses on the creation and publication of carefully crafted online content designed to reach target audiences. And that way of thinking is the cornerstone of «The TextStyle Advantage».

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