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Home » Services » Step By Step » Step 1: Establishing the Rules of Business
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Step 1: Establishing the Rules of Business

The Executive Summary of the
Agreement on the Business Relationship (“ABR”)

Section 1
  • Defines who we are and the reasons for our agreement.
  • The agreement is for an indefinite period but can be terminated at any time by either party.
  • All clauses in this agreement are to be implied in any subsequent agreement (thus shortening and simplifying subsequent agreements).
  • Any agreement can be amended after being signed provided we follow the appropriate steps, including agreeing beforehand on who has the right to negociate amendments.
  • We are establishing a legal relationship for legal ends, and if we have a disagreement, we agree to talk first to solve a problem and we will turn to more formal measures only if communication breaks down.
  • The company from which TextStyle obtains Web services comprises a silent third party to this agreement and should only come into play in unusual circumstances.
• • • • • • •
Section 2
  • We will respect each other’s confidentiality, including the content of our agreements.
  • TextStyle’s services are divisible, but there are some limitations.
  • Any new project requires a formal, written agreement.
  • New project ideas are always welcome, but there will be a cost for producing a formal written proposal if it does not lead to a new agreement.
  • Failure to meet deadlines will have an effect on the final cost of a project if the delay is TextStyle’s fault.
  • Usually the payment schedule within any agreement has two phases, and the work outlined in an agreement will only start once TextStyle has received the first payment (unless the agreement in question states otherwise).
  • Invoices from TextStyle are payable upon receipt, and TextStyle reserves itself the right to apply a late-pay charge starting 30 days after the invoice date.
  • If we decide to dissolve our relationship, we will do so quickly. At that time, TextStyle will be obliged to return everything that belongs to you (template, images, texts, etc.) and we will have to settle any outstanding balance owed to one another.
• • • • • • •
Section 3
  • The signing of the agreement
• • • • • • •
Appendix A
  • Presents the formal but amendable list of your agents and TextStyle’s who are entitled to speak on behalf of their party within the business relationship.
• • • • • • •
Appendix B
  • Presents the terms of services to the client, particularly in relation to hosting.
  • Appendix B is the only part of the agreement that is not confidential, as it is, by necessity, a public document made available on TextStyle’s website.

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Home » Services » Step By Step » Step 1: Establishing the Rules of Business
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