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TextStyle’s Acceptable Use Policy

This document constitutes the most up-to-date version of TextStyle’s “Acceptable Use Policy,” hereinafter “AUP.”

(A) Opening Statements

  1. Provision of Service: TextStyle Internet Publishing (hereinafter “TextStyle”) neither operates nor maintains its own Web server. Rather, TextStyle obtains and resells all Web hosting services from Hosting Matters, Inc. (hereinfater “HM”), located at 1650-302 Margaret St. #332, Jacksonville, FL 32204-3869, USA. Payments for or any question or query arising from hosting or any other service provided by TextStyle shall be directed to TextStyle, located at 4810 Queen Mary Rd., Suite 18, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA H3W 1W9, webmaster@textstyle.ca.

  2. Refusal of Service: TextStyle reserves itself the right to refuse service at its sole discretion.

  3. Indemnification: Any Client of TextStyle agrees to indemnify and hold harmless TextStyle from any claims resulting from the Client’s use of any provided service which allegedly or verily damages the Client or any other party.

(B) Content Acceptable for Distribution from the Client’s Domain

  1. Lawful Purposes Only: Use of services provided by TextStyle, and any editorial content published with the assistance of TextStyleM or any other means to the Client’s domain, must be for lawful purposes only. Prohibited is the transmission, storage, or presentation of any information, data or material in violation of any federal laws of Canada or the United States, or any state, provincial or municipal laws, including but not limited to:
    1. material protected by copyright;
    2. pornographic content and sex-related merchandising, including websites that may infer sexual content or that provide hyperlinks leading to websites or domains engaging in pornographic activities;
    3. material that slanders or promotes discrimination, intolerance, hatred or terrorism on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, economic or social class, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, or mental or physical disability;
    4. material protected by trade secret and other statute;
    5. acts resulting in the invasion of privacy of any other party, as outlined in any pertinent law.
  2. No Promotion of Hacking or Unlawful Distribution: Also prohibited are websites that promote any illegal activity or that present content or hyperlinks that may be damaging to the servers on which TextStyle provides hosting or any other server on the Internet. Examples of content or hyperlinks of this nature include but are not limited to:
    1. pirated software, including any multimedia files for which the Client does not hold copyright;
    2. hacker programs or archives;
    3. warez sites.

(C) Misuse of System Resources

  1. Compromising Server Integrity: Any attempt to undermine or cause harm to a server or a client of TextStyle or HM is strictly prohibited. This provision is meant to include, but is not limited to:
    1. using programs that consume excessive CPU time;
    2. allowing the use of mail services, mail forwarding capabilities, or autoresponders other than for the Client’s own domain;
    3. reselling disk space provided by TextStyle;
    4. using servers for backup of files unrelated to the Client’s domain;
    5. reselling or remotely accessing in a manner not intended within the hosting arrangement with TextStyle of CGI or PHP/MySQL scripts installed in the client’s domain.

  2. Internet Relay Chat (IRC): No IRC-related software is permitted, including servers, bots, bouncers, or any other software that is used for the purpose of creating, maintaining, or providing access to IRC servers or channels. TextStyle or HM shall suspend and/or terminate without notice the hosting of any domain that is found to have such software.

  3. Unsolicited Bulk E-mail (Spam): Spamming — the bulk sending of unsolicited e-mail — from a TextStyle- or HM-hosted domain, or using an e-mail address or domain that is maintained by either TextStyle or HM, is STRICTLY prohibited. Sites that promote, sell, or otherwise provide access to spamware products or products that are solely for the purpose of extraction or sale of e-mail addresses or which are used to send bulk e-mail are not permitted. Complaints or reports to TextStyle or HM that a client is spamming shall result in the suspension and/or termination of hosting of that client’s domain.

  4. Other Forbidden Applications: TextStyle and HM prohibit CGI or PHP-based shell scripts, Web proxy scripts, the Greymatter weblog software, and Matt Wright’s original form-to-mail script.

(D) Arbiter of Violations
TextStyle, in consultation with HM, shall be deemed the sole arbiter in determining violations of these provisions and shall be acting within its rights if or when it suspends or revokes service to the Client, and/or takes other measures against the Client which are commensurate with the offense.

(E) Service Duration & Cancellation

  1. The Client may request, in writing and without advance notice, the cancellation of services provided by TextStyle. When cancellation is initiated by the Client in this manner:
    1. TextStyle shall refund all hosting fees for the remaining months, not including the month in which the cancellation request was made.
    2. If the Client holds a Type 1 license for TextStyleM, TextStyle shall revoke the license and provide a refund per the terms of that license.

  2. A violation by the Client of any of the terms in this AUP shall be grounds for cancellation of service. If cancellation is initiated by TextStyle in this manner:
    1. TextStyle may, at its discretion, issue a refund of hosting fees for the remaining months, not including the month in which TextStyle terminated hosting services.
    2. If the Client holds a Type 1 license for TextStyleM, TextStyle shall revoke that License and may, at its discretion, provide a refund per the terms of that license.

(F) Report of Abuse
Any reports of violations of the above policies should be directed to abuse@textstyle.ca.

Annotated version of TextStyle’s Acceptable Use PolicyAnnotated version of TextStyle’s Acceptable Use Policy (20 Kb)

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