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Weaving style into the fabric of the Web
Weaving style into the fabric of the Web
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Remarkably Simple!
Click. Type. Save.

Get Control of Your Website
TextStyleM is completely Web-based. Once installed on your website, it lets any authorized user edit your site’s content from anywhere in the world. No matter what you’re trying to do — from uploading an image to creating a hyperlink — TextStyleM guides you every step of the way and even prevents you from making mistakes. For example:
The only acceptable image formats for webpages are .GIF, .JPG and .PNG. TextStyleM won’t allow you to upload an image in any other format.

On a website, upper- and lowercase letters are not equivalent and spaces in a filename are often problematic. TextStyleM silently corrects filenames that could trip you up.

While you’re editing something, TextStyleM won’t let another user edit it simultaneously.

And unlike other comparable CMS on the market today, TextStyleM requires no browser plugins. If you’ve got a modern browser and a connection to the Internet, you’re ready to go!

A Scalable Licensed Application

TextStyleM’s licensing structure is designed to support the program’s continued development without making it necessary to pass along the high cost of development to a single client. In the same stroke, all clients then get to take advantage of the latest improvements in the program. But clients only pay for the TextStyleM modules they use.

So, it’s a win-win proposition: As time goes by, TextStyleM is able to meet a wider range of needs, while its maker, TextStyle Internet Publishing, receives the financial support needed to develop such a high-calibre program.

Home » TextStyleM » The System