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Où la Toile se tissait avec style
Où la Toile se tissait avec style
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Opérations de gestion

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You like to be different from everyone else, don’t you?!

In This Tutorial
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    Level 0, 1, 2, 2+, 3, 4
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Annotated version of TextStyle’s Acceptable Use PolicyAnnotated version of TextStyle’s Acceptable Use Policy (20 Kb)
If the head webmaster for your site just created your TextStyleM account, chances are your password to enter the program looks something like "1L9MCv9T." There’s no way you’ll remember a password like that! And it’s not good enough to say that you’ll just get your browser to remember the password, because you never know when you might need to gain access to TextStyleM from another computer. Kind of defeats the purpose of being able to edit your website, no matter where you are...

Also, who’s to say you’ll like TextStyleM’s default colours? Or what if your e-mail address has changed? Or you moved to a different time zone? This is when you should pay a visit to MyTextStyleM.

This feature will allow you to set:

  • your password for TextStyleM;
  • your real name;
  • the e-mail address you want other editors to reach you via TextStyleM E-mail
  • the language in which you want TextStyleM to interact with you (English or French);
  • the format you want dates to be displayed for you in TextStyleM (Choose 1 of 114!);
  • the time zone where you are;
  • the number of results you want the TCode Assistant to give you (5 to 30 at a time);
  • one of 10 possible colour schemes for TextStyleM.

Additionally, from MyTextStyleM, you will be able to see the kind of documents your site’s head webmaster is allowing you to upload (references, images, public docs, HTML docs, gallery functions [if enabled on your site], and products [if enabled on your site]).

(Screenshot within MyTextStyleM(Screenshot within MyTextStyleM)

Home » TextStyleM » Apprentissage » Opérations de gestion » Opérations de gestion